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I'm Alive!

I'm alive! Physically, at least! I need to update this site more regularly...

So updates. Oh yeah, I updated this site. In fact, you may have noticed that about 3 weeks when it actually happened. I think I'll be going for a more heterogeneous front page in the future, I just need to find time.

Speaking of time, I have none for the next week, so I probably won't be making anything. But I have been making stuff up to this point. What kind of stuff? A new game, perhaps? YES! It'll be called Jet Pack Jesus and will probably be equally offensive, despite the total and complete lack of religion present in the game.

It's gonna be good, and I may put it up on this site in alpha at some point, so check back for that in the near future. I'm rambling at this point (through the whole post actually), so until later.


Four Weeks of New Comics. Boom.

Wow, I've put up new comics for four straight weeks now. That's impressive, considering that I REALLY SHOULD NOT BE SPENDING MY LIMITED TIME ON THESE. You're... welcome?

You may have noticed that the navigation bar changed recently. I'm writing a... something that I refer to as a "Novel", but it's not a real novel. Yet. The plan is to put up a new page/chapter each week, so, assuming I don't quit, be on the lookout for that. I don't know what it's about yet, and I'm not sure I like where it's going right now, but I have to occupy myself in class somehow.

Anyway, I don't think that I need to mention anything else. Thanks for stopping by!


New Comic! Two Weeks in a Row!


That link is to the One More Turn Podcast, which is also on iTunes, if that's your jam. It's only got 16 episodes so far, but it's got pretty good commentary on old games, if you're up for that. If you read this blog, I get the feeling you might be. Kevin King is also the man who interviewed me in the previous post, so you know, there's that. Check it out!

On to the comic. I'm not saying that this actually happened to me yesterday. I'm just saying that it truly wasn't that bad. I just hope this headache isn't from under-cooked chicken. Is that a thing? Anyway, I like this comic, so you should too. Or not. Or you should be indifferent. One of those three feelings.

Just in case anyone was too lazy to click the link last week:


Interview Time with "One More Turn"!


The above link should be clicked immediately, if you're into that sort of thing. I did my first ever interview with Kevin King, from One More Turn, which is a gaming podcast that you all should be listening to, if you're into that sort of thing.

If you've ever wondered about my creative process, this is good insight into that. Plus, you'll get to see what I look and sound like in real life. Sorry about that disappointment...

Anyway, I think it's a good way to spend 13 minutes of your time, so give it a shot!


New Comic and More Upcoming Stuff

The idea for this comic came from a receipt I got at the Giant Eagle recently, so send all hate mail to them. If you've never been, Geagle likes to print how much money you've saved over the past year onto your receipt, so fill in the dots.

As for the upcoming stuff part: I though I would let you all know that I'm gonna write a novel. Or something of that nature. In the past three semesters, I have occupied myself in class with drawing a cover for my binder. I'm tired of doing that, so this semester I plan on occupying myself by writing a novel.

My plan is to cover one sheet of paper each week, and then hopefully upload a new chapter every Friday. First I have to add that functionality to my site, but when I do, ho ho! Watch out for that!


Upcoming Stuff (or Not)

So I figured I had enough news to make a post, but now that I'm actually sitting down to write it, I realize that I'm a liar to myself. I guess I'll have to lie to you guys to make up for it. The following information may not be 100% true. You've been warned.

There will be a new comic on Wednesday. I rank it in the middle of the quality spectrum, halfway between "complete crap" and "almost not crap". It's nice to work ahead, I just wish that I could do it without it being a form of procrastination. Oh well.

What else. I'm sort of giving up on HTML5 games for now, but not really. I just don't think that JavaScript is fast enough for the action games I tend to make. I mean, spinning a tight loop sets my laptop on fire, so who wants that? But I can see the tech working for more slowly paced, asynchronous games (Text Adventures, Candy Box, etc.), so I may try to make one of those.

In the mean time, it's back to Flash for when I start one of the 10 half-baked ideas that I have for my next game, which is scheduled to come out when hell freezes over. See you then!


First Comic of the New Year! Jet Pack Jesus!

There are times where the comics I make aren't funny. Those times are every time, and this time is no exception, but what are you gonna do?

After 31 comics, you'd think that I'd be getting better at this, but damn, being funny is hard. At least the art has been improving in my opinion. I crapped out the Christmas Tree comic just so I could keep my month streak alive, and when I finally looked at it again, I was pleasantly surprised at how good I thought it looked. If this carries over to my games, maybe this whole endeavor will have been worth it.

Speaking of games, I finally put "Rodman vs. Kim: One on One" on my site and Newgrounds. On Newgrounds, it made the front page (Thanks Newgrounds!), despite a relatively low score. That's why that site is great: it always sees the good in imperfect games, which are my specialty. It's not been as popular or highly rated as my previous efforts, but I was mostly expecting that. It's a small, short, sweet, simple experience, just like it was supposed to be.

A special thanks goes out to AV Club and John Teti for getting me to make this game and for putting it on their lovely website for all to see. It was a great experience and I hope I did you guys proud!


Site Updates! Get News Sent To Your Email!

Long time, no blog post. I should be better about that. But hey, I made some changes to the site, so there's that!

Chief among them is the newish header. I think it looks better, but I tend to think that about every change I make. That's why I make them. I also decided to remove user accounts from the site, as there were only six of them, and two of those were mine. Maybe I will bring them back in the future, but I'm sure that not too many hearts were broken by this news.

If you still want a special place in my heart, you can subscribe to my newsletter emails now. I'll be sending out emails about new games and comics, when I feel like it, so go ahead and IMPULSIVELY SIGN UP NOW!

Finally, like/plus/tweet about my stuff, using all the fancy new buttons that I've added on the site, and on specific games. Oh, and I think I'll put "Rodman vs. Kim: One on One" on the site later this week, so look out for that!


Merry Christmas Comic!

Happy Holidays or Whatever! It's been a LONG fricking month, but I think the toughest part is done, so it can only get better from here (until my next semester starts)!

A review: I finished up my classes, and am half way through my junior year. Woot. Then, I made a game. Wait, what? Seriously? Like, three complete games in a year? Holy sh*t. That happened. It's more of a game jam game, really, but it's a complete game and it will be released tomorrow on avclub.com, so check that out.

Following about 8 hours of sleep in the final 48 hours of that game's development, I went on a Christmas shopping blitz. I almost made it, but Amazon Prime was only 3 out of 4. Oh well, I'll just have to get the last one later.

Now that Christmas is over, I think I'm just gonna sleep. Peace out, until tomorrow.


No New Comic!

Yeah, I'm taking a break this week, mainly because I've got a crushing amount of work to do. It's the final week of class and I have three final projects due Friday, followed by finals week, so maybe don't be looking for a new comic next week either. Or the week after that. Maybe I'll put up a Christmas one though. Gotta keep the month streak alive!