This quote hasn't been accurate in ages!


I Glubbed Up!

So where have the Jet Pack Jesus updates been for the past 40 days? Fasting in the desert. That's a smart fucking joke.

But seriously, there hasn't been much progress. July was a busy month for me personally, and for some dumb reason, I tried to make a game in 48 hours for the Newgrounds Game Jam. That 48 hours turned into 30 days before I gave up, so that's what I was wasting time on.

I haven't had any great comic ideas either, so that's where those have been. Also, I'm wrapping up my internship, so this might be a busy week, then school starts next week, so that's what I'll be up to for the following 15 weeks. And that is how you waste a summer of game-making time. Hoo-rah.


JPJ Update #6

Eh, so what's happened this week. Well, not a lot, I think. 61% now? I may have finalized what the menus will look like, which was sort of a big concern for me. The HUD I'd been programming/planning was looking more and more like Ski Free or Die Hard's HUD, and I think that was one for SFoDH's failings. The menu for this game, will hopefully be nicer and more intuitive, but we'll see.

I'm also officially working on a second game right now, because how the fuck could that go wrong. It'll be entered into Newgrounds' Power of Four competition, so it'll probably be quite unlike my previous games. I guess I already said that, but it's official now, so it's still news. Deal with it.


UPDATES (Plural)

Got some updates for y'all. First up, there's been an update to the site, not that anyone cares. But yeah, it's a slightly different look, what with the persistent header, and it's much more mobile-friendly. Go ahead! Check it on your smartphone or tablet! I dislike that the header is taking up so much space with nothing but blue, so there may be more changes in the future, but I'm so done with CSS for now.

Speaking of CSS, I hate it, but more relevantly, I've also been restyling my other site, the site for Jet Pack Jesus, the site created especially to showcase Jet Pack Jesus, Jet Pack Jesus's site. That site. It looks nicer now, and it's slowly becoming functional, so I may just tell you where it is soon. Maybe.

Jet Pack Jesus is also coming along, although I didn't make too much progress this week. I'm honestly starting to tire of working on it, at this point, but that's fairly usual for me. I'd say it's 60% done, with 60% to go, where every single one of those 60 percents sucks anus. But it's not like I'm gonna start a new game now.

Oh, I may be starting a new game now. Newgrounds is hosting a Power of Four this summer, where teams of 4 power up to make a game together, and I may be participating. I'm not sure my team's final, but it's stacked with some TALENT if it is, so I'm really excited to see what we make and you should be too. You know, if it actually happens.

Comic streak is still alive!


Jet Pack Jesus ... Update #4

So the weekly update thing sort of fell apart. Has a month really gone by? Have I really been working on this game for that long? Jet Pack Jesus, I need a better work ethic...

Work on Jet Pack Jesus is occurring. Through no fault of my own, it now runs on android, and I have even played it on both my Nexus 7 and my Ouya. That made me happy two-fold because it meant that it wasn't my fault that it was failing to run before (thanks for getting your shit together, OpenFL). This can only mean good things, and look for an Android version when the full thing releases.

Jet Pack Jesus really is a scary kind of game, in the exact same way that Ski Free or Die Hard was. In fact, it really reminds me of SFoDH in a lot of ways: it's easy to pick up and play, it has a cheap hook that I think could draw people in, and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT "FINISHED" WILL MEAN. The sky is the limit for what I could add to this game, which is truly terrifying when you're trying to figure out what it "needs". Also, I was pretty underwhelmed by the general response to SFoDH (it's maybe my favorite child), so that's maybe a bad sign.

The point is that I think it's shaping up to be a great game, but I've thought that before and I've been wrong. You'll have to be the judge when it comes out in 2016 (assuming it follows the development schedule of Ski Free as well).

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