How ya like me now?

Stuff looks different again (unless you're on mobile, and then it's pretty much the same). It's amazing how you can making sweeping changes to a site's code and still see fairly unsubstantial changes for the user. I basically rewrote a lot of the CSS for the site, which was old and not great. The plus side is that only 1 style sheet needs to be loaded now, so the site might be a little faster. If only those god damn social media buttons didn't take years to load.

There will be a new game soon, either this week or next. It should be done by Wednesday, and then I just have to do the administrivia, and I might submit to Newgrounds for Robot Day, because it's that kind of game. I think it'll be good. I hope.

Anyway, I should write these posts more often... Till later!

"My Reddit Username is 'dlbucci'." -Bucci

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