Sometimes I visit this site, hoping that new content has magically appeared since I last visited.


I'm So Full of Shit

The doctor says its above my belly button. What the hell? How does that happen? What the hell have I been eating and not pooping? Anyway, this is advice for those who haven't confused constipation with appendicitis today: eat some fiber every now and then.

If a twiddle b and b twiddle c then a twiddle c.


"Unnecessary Quotes"

If you want some "fun" for the day, start surrounding "words" in "unnecessary quotes". It makes "everything" so much more "interesting". For example, I "love" to add in "unnecessary quotes". I "can't see why" anyone "wouldn't want to" "do it". My "games" will be "released at some point" in the near "future". See? "Fun".

BOOM! More Site Changes!


Site Update and Stuff

Wow, it's October. You know, I had a plan for getting Jet Pack Jesus out. I was gonna squeeze in a little bit of work each day, maybe only 10 to 30 minutes, working on JPJ and I was gonna get it done. That has not been happening, because I've been busy and have yet to learn how to slack off by working on games, vs browsing

Picture as many nuts as you can, and then multiply those nuts by some number. Just nuts, just nuts upon nuts upon nuts upon nuts. Just endless nuts, just infinite nuts, just mountains and mountains of nuts. Nuts here, nuts there, nuts everywhere, nuts as far as the eye can see.

Take all of those nuts and place them in my mouth and that's how my semester has been. Jet Pack Jesus, it has been so much suck. But I'm gonna make it. And I'm gonna finish JPJ when I can, so keep a weather eye out.

Oh, and the site looks different. Better font, better(?) colors. Many things look wrong, because I haven't gotten to adjusting everything, but I'll fix it and improve the rest of the site soon. Till then.

I should add more unfinished products to the site...

This week will be easi-nope, no it won't.

Sometimes, a class has a busy week, and right now, all of my classes are having that week.

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