Last homework has been turned in, PUCK YEAH!


Does this site smell like SPEED?!

I just pushed a big update to the site that should make browsing seem much faster. Now, if you have JavaScript enabled and you click a navigation link (Blog, Games, etc.), the site will only load the content of the page, without reloading the sidebar or header, which, from my testing, makes it a hell of a lot faster. Yay!

And thanks to pushState, you'll still be able to use your browser's back and forward history buttons. Historically, the loss of history has been a big issue for using JS to speed up sites like this, but not for this site! Double Yay!

Eventually, I'll start putting up new stuff on the site. I honestly might get 3 games on here this winter (2 Unity project's I've made for a class, and of course, Jet Pack Jesus!), so I think the next few months are gonna pretty fun (save for finals). See ya then!

Ah, back-end changes. The kind of changes that no one cares about.

The Monthly Comic Streak Continues!!!

Sometimes I visit this site, hoping that new content has magically appeared since I last visited.


I'm So Full of Shit

The doctor says its above my belly button. What the hell? How does that happen? What the hell have I been eating and not pooping? Anyway, this is advice for those who haven't confused constipation with appendicitis today: eat some fiber every now and then.

If a twiddle b and b twiddle c then a twiddle c.


"Unnecessary Quotes"

If you want some "fun" for the day, start surrounding "words" in "unnecessary quotes". It makes "everything" so much more "interesting". For example, I "love" to add in "unnecessary quotes". I "can't see why" anyone "wouldn't want to" "do it". My "games" will be "released at some point" in the near "future". See? "Fun".

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