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Comicus 3

Notice anything different about the latest comic? It was made with Comicus 3! Which might actually be Comicus 2, because the first iteration of Comicus was called Comic Maker, and the last iteration was Comicus. Eh, we'll skip Comicus 2 like it's Windows 9.

I hit a point where I couldn't/didn't feel like going any further with Comicus, so I started reworking it in what turned out to be a 4 week project, that's still sort of on going. But it's complete enough to make a comic!

So what's the difference. The biggest is the text rendering. It turns out that browsers suck anus at perfectly rendering pixel text, like the fonts I use, so text rendering in this version of Comicus is done in Javascript using canvas elements to render each character perfectly. This actually makes a lot of text code a lot cleaner, and I'll probably port this text renderer over to other projects (what could those be?!).

This comic is actually the first comic I made on my Mac because it finally fixed the aliasing issues that occurred before. So now I have no reason to keep my old HP. Except for Haxe development...



I just pushed an update to the site to add PUSH STATE to every link on the site. What does that mean? It means if you have JAVASCRIPT enabled, THIS SITE GONE BE FAST.

The site actually had this before, but it was only for the main navigation links. So if you went from the blog to the comics page, it loaded quickly, but going from one comic to another was still slow. BUT NO MORE! YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR NOT READING EVERY COMIC NOW. BESIDES THE FACT THAT NO ONE WOULD ACTUALLY WANT TO DO THAT.

I also fixed a PUSH STATE BUG, so now you won't have to press back twice on the first page you visit. YOU CAN LEAVE MY SITE EVEN FASTER NOW. YOU'RE WELCOME!

New game this week? I hope!

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