Man, Bojack Horseman is a great god damn show.


This quote hasn't been accurate in ages!


I Glubbed Up!

So where have the Jet Pack Jesus updates been for the past 40 days? Fasting in the desert. That's a smart fucking joke.

But seriously, there hasn't been much progress. July was a busy month for me personally, and for some dumb reason, I tried to make a game in 48 hours for the Newgrounds Game Jam. That 48 hours turned into 30 days before I gave up, so that's what I was wasting time on.

I haven't had any great comic ideas either, so that's where those have been. Also, I'm wrapping up my internship, so this might be a busy week, then school starts next week, so that's what I'll be up to for the following 15 weeks. And that is how you waste a summer of game-making time. Hoo-rah.


JPJ Update #6

Eh, so what's happened this week. Well, not a lot, I think. 61% now? I may have finalized what the menus will look like, which was sort of a big concern for me. The HUD I'd been programming/planning was looking more and more like Ski Free or Die Hard's HUD, and I think that was one for SFoDH's failings. The menu for this game, will hopefully be nicer and more intuitive, but we'll see.

I'm also officially working on a second game right now, because how the fuck could that go wrong. It'll be entered into Newgrounds' Power of Four competition, so it'll probably be quite unlike my previous games. I guess I already said that, but it's official now, so it's still news. Deal with it.

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